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Hi, I’m a little bit Alexis! I’m the creator of Satirical Mommy, a humorous (and sometimes sentimental), relatable page that highlights the joys and challenges of parenthood, marriage, and life. I’m a sleep-deprived boy mom x2. I’m also an author and content creator to various platforms.

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New Book

The Very Different Dinosaur

A story of adversity, friendship, and acknowledgement of the unique qualities in each of us, this book is for anyone who has ever felt misjudged and different. Through his adventure, Timmy learns self-worth and gains the confidence to simply be himself. This dinosaur book is also a children’s book about kindness and self-esteem; about working through disabilities and big feelings; about the fear of meeting new people or starting school; and about loving yourself for exactly who you are. It's a charming picture book, children will love the bright colors and whimsical illustrations, and all will love the poetic prose and silly characters and fairy tale references.

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