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I’ll Say It: 2020 Hasn’t Been 𝐴𝑙𝑙 Bad

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I’m going to say what no one else is likely saying - 2020 hasn’t been entirely terrible.

Of course it’s been, by far, the worst year most of us have ever experienced (and hopefully ever will). But aside from the devastating impacts of the pandemic, the ongoing struggles and environmental, societal and economic turbulence, and way more heartbreak and strife than I care to mention, on another level, it’s brought me more time with my family. And quite simply, I cannot entirely hate this year if I’ve gained that.

With more time at home, I've had the opportunity to slow down a bit and be more reflective on how thankful I am for everything that I have: a happy, healthy family, a roof over my head, a job where I can work remotely, and the chance at extra time.

No longer needing to commute to and from work, I now have the time for family meals. We get breakfast, lunch and dinner together (and lets be honest a gazillion snacks in between - thanks quarantine 15) - something completely unattainable before.

We go on walks multiple times a day, even if it's raining (what kid doesn't like to jump in muddy puddles? And I have a bit more flexibility in giving baths, so why not?). It's opened me up to be more flexible, and I think it's resulted in my kids being happier.

This year has given me time to witness all of the adorable stages of my young toddlers lives that I normally would miss. Is it hair-pulling, binge-drinking-ly stressful? Hell yes. But am I so grateful for this time. Hell yes.

I no longer have to rush to get ready in the morning (although my Zoom calls indicate I probably should put on a little makeup -yikes). Does this translate to me sleeping in longer? NO - but again - I've got more snuggle time on the couch in the morning.

My kids will survive not being as social or going on trips and excursions - because we are making memories at home - using our creativity - bonding, and soaking it all in. They are cherishing the time with us and it's evident in how clingy they get when we simply go out for a walk by ourselves and cheer "Mommy's home!" when you walk in the door only 45 minutes later.

So while we're all ready for this year to end, and sure I wish I could hang with my friends, get on a plane to go visit my family, take a family excursion somewhere (and yes get a few minutes of alone time every once in a while beyond my morning runs my husband so graciously gives me) - I'm not ready to go back to commuting just yet. I'll just sit here and cuddle my babies a bit longer, play hide and seek for the gazillionth time, dance and sing, and just be with them.

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